Empowrd has launched!

After months of hard work behind the scenes establishing our business, building policies, a comprehensive business plan, budgets, logos and branding, numerous training and info seminars, and LOT'S of late nights, Empowrd has finally launched!

Last Friday we celebrated with an official opening at Lightbox Coworking in Port Lincoln. It was a fabulous night, celebrated with family and friends, and some amazing people who have helped us along the way.  

Empowrd are all about helping make people's lives easier, and we would like to personally thank a number of people for doing that for us. 

Bronwyn from Cloudhouse Consulting - for her faith in us to achieve, and her encouragement as our business coach, mentor and Accountant. And of course, the inspiration behind our decision to become NDIS providers. 

Elouise and Jemma from Lightbox Coworking - for our name, our branding and our vision. LOVE. Their ongoing support in a positive and unique workspace is second to none. Also, for our wonderful launch venue. The platters were ahhh-mazing!

Angela from HR Avenues - our policy writer extraordinaire (around 20 policies, phoarrrr!) and probably 7 of those with no notice and 1 day deadline...sorry Angela, we love you.

Jess from Pare Design - the creative mind behind our beautiful logos and brochures, website designer, photographer and Instagram wiz (did we mention she's versatile!). The feedback has been so positive.

Grandma - our beautiful model for our iPad for Seniors promotional material. 87 years young, and oozing glamour!

Ngahuia from Mana Ceremonies - our beautiful Lightbox hostess and all round support person and inspiration. Thank you for your kind words in opening our launch, and for being the hostess with the mostest. 

Deb Myers - our very comprehensive business plan editor. Another deadline that had to be met, and we got there thanks to some valuable input. Also for making the trip from Adelaide for our launch.


Rebecca Kolpondinos