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Plan Management

Why use Empowrd? Because plan management provides you with choice and control and does not divert funds from your plan. 

What’s more, you will have the flexibility of using NDIS registered and non-registered providers of services, which is important when living in remote communities. 

We can process and claim invoices from your service providers, and pay bills on your behalf, taking the stress out of the paperwork.

We will provide you with monthly reports so you can stay up to date with what has been paid, and what funds are left in your NDIS plan.

  1. Plan Management – The NDIS will pay your Plan Manager, who will directly pay for all supports. You will have the choice and flexibility of providers

  2. Self-Managed Plans - The NDIS will pay you directly for the supports you claim. Being self-managed, you also have choice and flexibility of providers.

  3. Agency-Managed Plans - When the NDIA manages your plan, you have to choose registered NDIS providers, limiting your choices.

  4. A combination of the above three options.

NDIS Managing Plan - Participant Information

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